Thermoplastics and technopolymers for automotive, industrial goods and consumer products


Since 1981, the Plastics area of RadiciGroup has been present on the market with a vast portfolio of thermoplastic technopolymers able to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market, and to meet the needs of the most varied industrial sectors (automotive, electrical / electronics, industrial and consumer goods production).

Vertical integration and global presence for high-tech plastic products

Thanks to a strong synergy between the Group’s Business Units, Radici Performance Plastics can boast a solid vertical integration in the multi-level polyamide value chain, from polymer to formulation to compounding, to meet customer needs by proposing and developing high performance plastic products, suitable for different application sectors.

Technopolymers for injection, extrusion and blow molding

RadiciGroup’s Performance Plastics area currently offers the market a wide range of materials with high technological content, used in the production of plastic components made by injection molding, extrusion or blow molding, and intended for the automotive, electrical / electronic, industrial production and of consumer goods.

RadiciGroup products and brands

Always focused on innovation, the RadiciGroup plastics area is constantly committed to enriching its offer through the search for new application solutions. Today the RadiciGroup products and brands available on the market are:


Polyamide based thermoplastic technopolymers (PA6, PA66, copolymers, PA610, PA612, special PA for high temperature applications) for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding.

The Radilon® brand includes a wide range of polyamide matrix thermoplastic engineering plastics, which are used in a wide variety of applications in the automotive, electrical / electronic, industrial and consumer goods sectors.
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Polyester-based thermoplastic technopolymers (PBT and PBT blend) for injection molding.

The Raditer® range includes thermoplastic polyester matrix (PBT) technopolymers for injection molding suitable for the automotive, electrical / electronic, industrial and consumer goods sectors.
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Self-extinguishing thermoplastic technopolymers, based on polyamide and polyester for injection molding and extrusion.

The Radiflam® range includes self-extinguishing thermoplastic technopolymers based on polyamide and polyester suitable for safety applications where resistance to flame propagation is required.
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Special polyamide-based technopolymers, including products reinforced with long glass fibers (LFT), for injection molding of articles with high structural performance.

The products of the Radistrong® range are polyamide-based technopolymers reinforced with long fibers according to the LFT technology – long fiber technology – for maximum structural performance in particular applications.
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Post-industrial thermoplastic compounds based on PA6 and PA66.

The Heramid® product range includes thermoplastic compounds made from raw materials selected from industrial waste, to offer excellent performance with minimal environmental impact.
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Copolyester (TPE-E) and styrene based (SBS-SEBS) thermoplastic elastomers.

The products of the Heraflex® range include thermoplastic elastomers TPE on a copolyester basis (TPE-E) intended for applications in the automotive, consumer goods and industrial sectors in general.
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Products based on copolymer acetal resin (POM).

The Heraform® product range includes products based on POM acetal copolymers for the production of items that require high mechanical requirements.
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Blend of polycarbonate (PC) with ABS, PET and PBT – Available only in the NAFTA area.

The Radiblend® product range includes blends of polycarbonate, ABS, PET or PBT copolymer especially suited for the production of injection molding components.


Polyethylene compound.

Polyethylene-based infill, recyclable and non-toxic, for synthetic grass sports fields. Compound based on glass filled polypropylene (PP) for extrusion, for applications in the automotive sector.


Polyamide based thermoplastic technopolymers (PA66).

The Torzen® brand offers a wide range of high-temperature resistant PA66-based products intended primarily for the automotive, electrical-electronic, industrial and consumer goods sectors.
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